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18 to 35 CFM

Ultra portable, yet powerful, the gas powered Pro Series is an excellent option for individuals working in the mechanic, service, agriculture and contractor markets. Due to it's extremely compact size, this unit is ideal for work performed on the go or where portability is a must.

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48 to 80 CFM

Powerful, yet portable, this rugged engine-driven air compressor is powerful enough to run most 90lb jack hammers, while being small enough to fit behind the cab of your truck. It's compact build, portability and powerful performance make it the perfect choice for delivering the air power you need, where you need it.

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40 to 80 CFM

When you need a high-performance air compressor that delivers proven performance on or off your truck, you need a Vanair Viper Series Engine-Driven Air Compressor. This gas-powered, compact unit can easily be loaded and unloaded from your pickup for maximum versatility.

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30 to 185 CFM

Providing the highest CFM of any abovedeck unit on today’s market, these compact, hydraulic powered units offer the versatility and sheer power to match the task at hand.

Air N Arc All-in-One Power Systems

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One machine can do it all.  The Air N Arc® All-in-One Power Systems® provide up to six forms of power in one compact machine.  Featuring configurations consisting of a welder, generator, air compressor, battery booster, battery charger and hydraulic output, the Air N Arc line provides you witha complete moble workstation on the back of your truck.


lifetime warranty

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Application Recommendations:

  PRO Contractor Viper Diesel Viper Gas Viper Gas w/ Gen.
Tools & Applications
Air Impact Wrench* Up to 34" Up to 34" Up to 1-12" Up to 1-12" Up to 1-12"
Chipping Hammer* X X X X X
Cut off tool* X X X X X
Drill* X X X X X
Tire Inflation* X X X X X
Fluid transfer pumps*     X X X
Grinder* X X X X X
Jack Hammer*     60-90lbs 60-90lbs 60lbs
Blowout sprinkler     X X X
Mole Tool*     X X X
Monument Engraving     X X X
Net Runner*     X X X
Recommended Truck Applications
Mechanical Crane X X X X X
Tire X X X X X
Landscape Maintenance X X X X X
Service X X X X X
Specialty Applications X X X X X

* Ratings are approximate and are based on new equipment specifications. Refer to tool manufacturer recommendations for tool consumption needs. Makes and models differ in requirements.


Warranty Vanair 2 year Vanair 3 year Vanair lifetime (on air end)
Air Compressor Type Reciprocating Rotary Screw
Pro 18: 3 cylinder head
Pro 35: 2 cylinder head
3 cylinder head design Vanair encapsulated air end Sullair air end
Generator N/A 4.2kW N/A N/A 5.2kW
Drive System Belt-drive system for anti-vibration and long service intervals Direct Drive - no belts 8V Serpentine belt 3V belt
Engine type Honda 9 & 10 HP or Kohler 11 & 14 HP Kohler 14 HP Kubota 3 cylinder 24.8 HP Kohler 26.5 HP or 23 HP, fuel injected Kohler 23.5 HP, carbureted
Engine Features
  • Electric Start
  • 1.6 gal. fuel tank
  • Gasoline fueled
  • Electric start
  • 1.9 gal. fuel tank
  • Gasoline fueled
  • Auto shut off & start
  • 9.5 gal. fuel tank
  • Diesel powered
  • Tier 4 certified
  • Liquid cooled
  • Glow Plugs
  • 4-cycle, V-twin, overhead valve
  • 5 gal. fuel tank
  • Gasoline fueled
  • Pressure gauge
  • Pressure gauge
  • 120V & 240V receptacles
  • Volt meter
  • Thermal breakers
  • Generator on/off switch
  • Hour Meter
Electric easy-start panel with
  • Pressure and temperature readout
  • Hour meter
  • Fuel gauge
  • Engine RPM
Control can be remote mounted with extension harness
  • Pressure gauge
  • Hour meter
  • Engine diagnostic lamp
  • Temperature gauge
  • Pressure gauge
  • Hour meter
  • 120V and 240V receptacles
  • Thermal circut breakers
Safety Equipment
  • Air pressure safety relief valve
  • Low engine oil shutdown
  • Air pressure safety relief valve
  • Low engine oil shutdown
  • Oil fill plug safety relief
  • Automatic blowdown on shutdown
  • High Compressor temperature shutdown
  • Minimum pressure valve/orifice
Special features Self-contained, but can be integrated with the chassis for maximum versitility
  • Integrated lift hook
  • Designed for easy maintenance and fuel efficiency
  • Powder-coated, galvannealed sheet-metal
  • Spin on air-oil separator element
  Auto throttle control on compressor  
Options/ Accessories
  • Battery
  • Remote condensation drain
  • Casters
  • Post Drivers
  • Cold weather package
  • Remote instrument panel
  • Air aftercooler
  • Remote fuel option
  • Running gear
  • Casters
  • Post Drivers
  • Cold weather package
  • Running gear
  • CARB Canister
  • Casters
  • Post Drivers
  • Cold weather package
  • CARB Canister
  • Air hoses. reels, and fittings
  • OSHA safety valve (velocity fuse)
  • Tool oiler/lubricator
  • Remote air tanks
  • Vibration isolators
  • Maintenance kits
  • Filter/lubricator/regulator
  • Remote start
  • Service/control line moisture separators