Pneumatic Stoper Drills and Feed Legs

Choosing a Breaking Tool

As soon as you pick it up, you'll feel the quality.  It's solid, well made.  Start it up and you'll notice the raw power.

But to appreciate the real advantages of an Atlas Copco rock drill, you'll have to wait.  Each and every part is made to the highest tolerances and of the very best materials.  This means that even when you replace a part, your drill will deliver the same performace as when it was new.  Time after time.  Year after year.

How long does an Atlas Copco rock drill last?  Let's just say that by the end of its service life you'll be in no doubt that it's given you real value for money.

High quality for high performance

But their drills are not just a good-long term investment, they also make money from day one.  This is because Atlas Copco rock drills are efficient.  For every litre of air you put in, you'll get high impact energy out.

Why?  Again, the answer is quality.  An quality is no accident.  It's a question of using the right materials, proven heat treatment methods and machining to high tolerances.  Last but not least, quality is the result of good honest engineering:  today's range is based on the same reliable design as the Atlas Copco drills that launched the Swedish Method back in the 1940's.

Atlas Copco Pneumatic Stoper Drill and Feed Legs